Sharanya Anil Bajaj

A Psychologist

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  • PhD (Majors: Augmentative and Alternative Communication; Minors: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychopharmacology)-Purdue University-2009, Ed. S. (Majors: Special Education, Severe Disabilities and Early Childhood Special Education; Minors: ABA, Autism, Developmental Disabilities and Behavior Analysis)-University of Virginia-2001, M.Ed. (Majors: Special Education, Early Intervention and; Minors: Severe Disabilities, and Creative Arts Therapy)-Annamalai University-1999, B.Ed (Majors: Special Education, Early B.Ed. (Majors: Special Education, Early Childhood Education and; Minors: Autism, Intellectual and Development Childhood Education and; Minors: Autism, Intellectual and Development Disabilities)-Madras University-1998

  • India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai

  •   English  Tamil

  • Female

  • Brief Introduction

    Uniquely qualified by the combination of: advanced degrees majoring in special education, psychology, cognitive neuroscience and child development; extensive experience working with children of all age groups in India and US; strong orientations in cognitive development, behavior, communication, learning theories and assessment Extremely analytical and objective on measures of assessment and program development for children with neurocognitive deficits (autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, intellectual and developmental disability, learning disabilities, PDD). Excellent communication skills – capable of translating complex technical and scientific concepts into simple comprehensible knowledge.

    Core Areas of Expertise

    • Augmentative & Alternative Communication Statistical Analysis & Reporting Behavioural Analysis, Assessments & Interventions Data Interpretation & Presentation Communication Assessments & Interventions Teaching & Training Professionals Developmental Ass
    • Child Counseling , Assertive Technologies – Assessment & Design Quantitative & Qualitative Research
    • Child/Parenting
    • Disorders
    • others


    Awards & Recognition

    • Awarded Certificates of Recognition, 2010, by the State of Indiana, USA, for outstanding work and discovery in the field of Special Education.
    • Awarded the College of Education Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2009, by the College of Education, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA, in recognition of outstanding research work.
    • Awarded the Dean’s Doctoral Scholarship – Award of merit, 2008, by the College of Education, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA, in recognition for excellence in discovery, learning, and engagement, with potential for national leadership and outstanding work as a doctoral student.

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