Anger Management

Anger, as an issue, is one of the most significant issues that many people battle on a daily basis within. Handling anger issues is essential for many levels – individually, for one’s own peace and sanity and socially, for the sake of nurturing strong and good relationships. At its base, anger manifests from a place […]


Pune: Nisha is in her final year of College and wants to pursue her Master’s degree. She is busy handling studies at college while also juggling coaching classes for the entrance exam for her Master’s, and her internship program. For over six months she has been finding herself often falling into a low mood, and she has begun […]

Behavioural Issues

Suhail is a senior sales manager in a leading bank. His staff and HR have observed him losing his temper at several instances. His behaviour during such raging moments is creating a lot of friction with his team members. HR manager has received one verbal complaint about a team member resigning due to the behaviour […]


Akshay is not content with his current work situation. He feels restless and is worried about his future, and panics whenever he thinks of what is coming next. He has palpitations, frequent bouts of shortness of breath and a sense of constant fear and discomfort continue to prevail. He was advised by a co-worker to […]


Mahima has been feeling depressed for a few months now. She is in a low mood through the day, and has an aversion to social interactions and activities. She feels sad, and has no interest even in playing the guitar – something she used to cherish and enjoy for long, before. Mahima’s best friend helps […]


Sheila visits Mrs Samuel every morning and spends time with her all day. Mrs Samuel has been diagnosed with acute depression, and needs help to overcome it. Sheila is a trained counsellor and caregiver. She spends time with Mrs Samuel, talks to her and engages her in activities that help her heal from her depression. […]