Let’s talk about stress

Ask almost anyone around you today if they are stressed, and they will probably reply, “Yes!” Some are stressed about a deadline at college or work, about their managers and co-workers, about parents, children, spouses or partners; others are confused about their career paths and have financial burdens. All these are some of the factors […]

Time to start a ‘New You’

Have you seen a Russian Nesting Doll? It has an outer shell in the shape of the doll: except that it can be twisted open in the centre like a bottle, and then, within, you’ll see another, which houses more within. There is a greater meaning attributed to these dolls – they aren’t just toys […]

Perceptions and possibilities

Despite the bleak picture often presented on mental illness, there are new treatments available that can be delivered in culturally appropriate and relevant ways. Mental ill-health has a substantial impact on economies, societies, families, and individuals. Globally, there are more than 450 million people diagnosed with a mental health problem, and nearly a quarter of […]

Battling the enemy within

Millions of people around the world don’t fight external enemies, but they fight the one within: the mind. The mind is a very powerful element; it can take you to heights or it can destroy you completely. Many people just give up hope and succumb to the mind’s adversities, others fight and come out as […]

Dignity in Mental Health

Human dignity as a concept comes from the core principle that every individual has an intrinsic value that should be respected and treated with equality. It is a standard yardstick that is used to ensure that ethical behaviour is always followed in entirety. Regardless of any attribute an individual may have in life, every individual […]

Signs of a Burn-Out

Life brings a mix of situations to the forefront. You’ve got to handle everything from work to family, to your immediate needs and the ever demanding requirement of providing for the future. It is possible sometimes, that with all the stress around you, you might feel completely exhausted, unable to concentrate and even neglect your […]


A heart-break is perhaps one of the toughest things to cope with: for in love and in a relationship, one invests a lot of time. There is an involvement in mind and soul, and emotions run high – and consequently, when there is a break-up, the emotional pain is but expected, tangible and natural. While […]