Coping with Pressure

Coping with work pressure in today’s uncertain climate is a huge challenge. For a lot of individuals the work place can feel like an emotional roller coaster ride with “budget cuts” “layoffs” which can lead to a lot of uncertainty, and pressure. After having interacted with many of my friends who are working, I gained […]

Don’t let ‘overthinking’ destroy you

Sometimes in life, some people think a lot – about anything and everything. Every small thing matters to them. They observe a lot and ponder upon every little thing, be it important or totally senseless. The worst part – they might even end up creating problems that never ever existed. Sara is one of those […]

Mom,Dad… are you listening?

All of us share a special bond with our parents. Many of us owe what we are today to them. While some parents are open-minded, others just aren’t. There exists a gap… a space which needs to be filled. I don’t think there could be a single general reason for this void. Each parent is […]

Life – fair / unfair … What if?

We all at some point in life feel that the going has become difficult. We feel life is unfair and what has happened to us is the worst that could ever happen to anyone. We start believing that bad things happen to good people and we turn up suffering at every point in life. But […]

The Curious Case of OCD

It’s easy to dismiss cases of physical discomfort when one speaks out about it, it’s easy to refute one’s causes of uneasiness when things seem to be just perfect. While this seems to be an aspect that’s already been invalidated by the society, we are just a positively ridiculous minority that persists despite the existence […]

One Sided Love

One Sided Love – the truest and the most pure form of love? No expectations, but just hope – hope that one day that person will be yours. It is a feeling that can kill anyone from inside. It is the love where a person fails to decide whether to move on or to keep […]

Having Boss Issues?

There are several factors that can help an employee adjust quickly and smoothly to a new workplace. These could be the culture of the organisation, colleagues, the kind of work you do or even time of travel and proximity to the workplace. These are also factors that any employee considers before agreeing to come on […]

Managing Performance Appraisal Anxiety

Ram works as a software analyst at a reputed IT firm. He loves his job as it gives him the opportunity to work on coding, which is his passion. However, he has a heavy workload that has increased substantially over the past few months. He often works through the day without a lunch break, stays late […]

Mind Un-interrupted : Career Break Part 1

Today is the first day I’ve sat at home, without being at work or having a job, voluntarily. There are few things scarier than bidding farewell to a well-paying job, especially when you have no better prospects in hand. The decision was mine, well thought through (or so I thought) and made exactly a month […]