Self-help books: Food for our self-helplessness

Self-help books constitute a multibillion dollar industry. These books blanket the shelves in bookstores and cover a multitude of topics ranging from financial strategies to self-esteem promoters to happiness guides. The idea was spawned by a book of the same name that was authored by Samuel Smiles, a Scottish-born government reformer, and was published in […]

Substance Use / Abuse

Like many college students, my friend likes to go out with her friends and drink alcohol. They have a good time, and everyone knows that my friend is always up for a party. But a few of the people closest to her have started worrying that perhaps she has a drinking problem. Are they right? […]

A tool to train the brain to deal with stress

We’ve all been victims to the challenges of life. These challenges disturb the physical or mental equilibrium which is essential for quality life. This disturbance in equilibrium precipitates what we call stress. Sometimes it manifests as the sensation of all the blood rushing to your heart with your brain in overdrive, motivating you to perform […]

Work-Life balance

In today’s busy world, prioritizing between your work and your personal life can be a huge challenge. Research studies have shown that a poor work-life balance can result in unhealthy levels of stress, unhappiness, and even reduced productivity.  A recent survey by a Mental Health Foundation in Britain found some shocking findings of how a […]

The tragedy in fame

Glitz, glamour and grandeur. This is what sells the showbiz industry. Everyone wants to be famous, known for beauty and talent. What everyone fails to realize is that the fame comes at a price. Being a celebrity necessitates giving up rights to privacy and freedom. Sometimes the onscreen romance, drama, action and even tragedy spill […]

Sleep sound, Healthy all round

Take a minute and think about how much sleep you get on average each day. In an alternate universe with no appointments, deadlines or schedules, where not an alarm clock, but your body decides how many hours of sleep you need per day, this number would be somewhere around 8 hours. This is how much […]

Dealing with failure

We all have come across the phrase “Failures are the pillars of success.” Failures are said to be a part of life which every one of us will face at some point in our life. Be it relationship let-downs or academic failures, these do lead to disappointments and frustration. But how do you deal with […]