Breakup ~ Breakdown

Award winning actors, philanthropists, parents to six children, three biological and three adopted from third world countries, together for twelve years and married for two. The world is in uproar over the breakup of power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. If what these two had couldn’t stand the test of time, what can? Breakups […]

When Love turns to Unhealthy Obsession

Two people in love with each other is the most beautiful relationship. It is the point where they care for each other and are technically fully involved in each other’s lives. In such relationships jealousy issues and presence of a little bit of insecurity seems quite common and perhaps natural for the human mind. But […]

Gene for Happiness also predisposes for Depression

You’ve probably heard that the reason you have curly hair, or brown eyes, or that perfect body is probably because of our genetics. Genes, those microscopic zip-like molecules, sometimes a boon and sometimes a bane. It’s easy to understand that our physical traits may be under the control of genes, but what about our personalities? […]

The Instant Karma in Giving

Every morning, before even leaving my bed, I make a call. Sometimes I do it subconsciously, it’s like my brain is trained to make that call even if I am not fully awake. It might sound like a gross exaggeration but sometimes I even do it with my eyes closed. The call is to my […]

Maladaptive Daydreaming

When things don’t go our way, we can’t help but think about how our life would be if they did go our way. Daydreams are seemingly a normal part of the way we cope with stress in our lives. Say for example you really like a certain somebody from your workplace, maybe you haven’t worked […]

Depression: The silent contraceptive

We’ve heard of many contraceptives that are available in the market – Oral contraceptive pills, barrier contraceptives, implantable contraceptives. There are so many options and varieties, that it’s impossible to not find one that fits your lifestyle and meets your requirement. Excluding the permanent methods of sterilization, the advantage of these methods is that when you […]

NEW FATHERS – Being … Becoming

What is the first thing that happens when a man announces his wife’s pregnancy? “Hey, congratulations man! You’re going to be a father!” Okay, now what is the second thing he is most likely to hear? “How is the missus doing?” BAM!! Just like that the attention shifts from him to her. After all she […]

Stress in Diabetics : Sugar rush with a low

Your chest feels constricted, there’s a heaviness in your head, maybe it’s the start of a headache, and then you suddenly feel like the temperature is an unbearable hundred degrees. You check the thermostat but no wait it says 25°C. That can’t be right maybe the thermostat isn’t working. Then you realize, it is not […]